Rick and Anita Gutierrez

Durban, South Africa

Children: Marc, Paul

Drs. Rick and Anita Gutierrez serve in Durban, South Africa together with the Baptist Mission of South Africa. They train and equip local churches, pastors and missionaries to combat life-style related diseases like HIV/AIDS, heart and artery disease, diabetes and malaria.  Portable rapid screening tests for these conditions are offered by trained health builders.  The doctors continue to develop a health education DVD series that can be studied individually or in small groups. A holistic approach from the Christian perspective is offered in order to help people acheive their health and life goals. 


The vision is to train two or four health builders in each participating church.  They would like to see this model of health building become a part of local church missions throughout Africa and other resource-limited settings.


Languages for ministry: English and Zulu


Primary ethnic groups worked with: South African Indians and Zulus



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